Choose A Mobile Stage
with an Integrated or Custom Roof

United Sound & Electronics offers two options for your stage roof needs:

Mobile Stage with Integrated Roof

Our complete mobile stage packages from Stageline include integrated roofs (the Stageline SL-100 and Stageline SL-320) for the ultimate in speed and convenience without sacrificing safety.

Custom Built Roof

We will build a custom roof structure for your stage with applied trussing.

Integrated Roof Packages for Mobile Stages – Safety Certified

The integrated roof packages available for our mobile stages offer the ultimate in fast, easy set-up with available power roof lifting and the ultimate in safety. Rigid preassembled panels deploy sequentially with controlled hydraulic assistance, allowing for safe and rapid roof raising even in windy conditions. The entire Stageline SL 100 stage and roof system is certified for wind resistance and performance and can be completely assembled in about a half hour, while the Stageline SL 320 workhorse is also safety-certified and ready to go in about two and a half hours! These roof systems come with integrated light packages, backdrops, and many other professional-grade features. All stages and structural components are regularly inspected throughout the installation process, certified to comply with road, local, and state regulations, engineer-certified for structural design and rigging capacity, and installed by our skilled,fully licensed and insured NICET-certified technicians.

Stamped safety and performance certification documentation is available for every state.

Several options are available to meet your requirements, including a 6-post load-bearing roof with strong sound bays that can support thousands of pounds of equipment. For the ultimate in safety, a heavy-duty guying system is available to protect the roof, performers, and guests by securing the roof during high wind events. Our mobile roof packages are manufactured by Stageline, the global leader in advanced structural stage design.

Order a Custom Stage Roof With Trussing and Tower Options

United Sound & Electronics builds custom roofs of all types for your stage protection needs. Whether you require a simple roof to protect performers and equipment from the blistering sun or a potential washout, a full professional load-bearing stage roof, or any configuration you can think of, we have your back.

Choose a flat or peaked pitch roof with applied trussing, multiple configurations for light fixture attachment, sound bays, acoustic sidewalls, spacious head clearance, extra-duty weight bearing capacity, PA wings for sound system and digital visual effects displays, and any other options you would like to include.

Whether you are planning a smaller music festival, major tour, or any other performance event, United Sound & Electronics is your source for stage roofing to meet all of your talent’s specifications.

Contact our team to discuss your stage roofing needs and place your order at: (304) 842-6030.

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