The World’s Safest and Most Widely Used Mobile Stage

Stageline manufactures the safest and most reliable stage equipment in the world – and our licensed, insured, and professionally trained NICET-certified technicians ensure that they are installed correctly and in accordance with all safety and performance regulations. United Sound & Electronics is proud to offer the Stageline SL 100 fully hydraulic mobile stage. This is our most popular mobile unit. It is ideal for concerts, festivals, and many other uses.

Strong Professionally Engineered Stage with the Highest Wind Resistance

The Stageline SL 100 is the only all-aluminum mobile stage with full hydraulic set-up. Typically, it can be installed within a half an hour at your location. There are many reasons why the Stageline SL 100 is the most widely used stage in more than 45 countries:

  • Strong, Rigid, & Light
  • High Wind Capacity
  • Safety Certified & Inspected
  • High Load Criteria
  • 600 Point QC Inspection
  • 30-Minute Set-Up
  • R&D by Professional Designers and Engineers
  • Manufactured in an ISO-9001 GREEN Production Facility
  • Full Hydraulic Set-Up
  • Multiple Deck Set-Up Options (Bandshell to Pro Stage)
  • Towable with Standard Truck

This unit is ideal for all live music events, festivals, marketing events, and much more. Contact United Sound & Electronics to learn more about the SL-100: (304) 842-6030.

All Stageline stages comply with road regulations, are engineer certified for rigging capacity and structural design, and stamped documentation is available for every state.

Stageline SL 100 Series Stage

The Stageline SL 100 Series is available in a 24′ x 20′ size, as well as a 40′ x 24′ unit (which includes extension platforms). The load bearing capacity of this unit’s roof is 6,500 lbs. The sound wings can accommodate 1,600 lbs.

Stageline SL 100 2018 Stage

The new Stageline SL 100 2018 includes all of the same features, with options including various floor sizes up to 40′ x 32′, a 24′ x 12′ bandshell, and wind resistance up to 115 mpH without the wind walls (up to 77 mpH with the full-height, 3-sided, rainproof wind walls installed). The permanent side-mounted rigging trusses can accommodate 1,500 lbs. per side, with a total rigging capacity of up to 11,800 lbs. View all of the new features here.

Our crews are trained and certified by Stageline. All of our units are regularly inspected for operational safety.

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