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Set the Mood With Professional Sound

Music is an extremely powerful force. By subliminally triggering memory and enhancing positive feelings, such as comfort and confidence, music is one of the most important driving forces behind the success of your store or commercial venue. Be sure your music selection reaches your customers effectively and without loss of fidelity.

The Power of Music

Research has repeatedly shown that choosing to add appropriate background music has the potential to influence everything from what your customers buy and how much time they spend in your store to their overall spending. Set the mood for success at your retail store, restaurant, trade show, or any other commercial location in West Virginia, Ohio, or Pennsylvania with a professionally installed background and foreground music sound system from United Sound & Electronics.

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Enhance the Shopping and Dining Experience With Music

For most, dining out and shopping are not activities undertaken for mere utilitarian purpose. These are experiences – and the main factor under your control for enhancing your customers’ overall mood is music. Know your customers. Take steps to understand your customers’ lifestyle preferences and choose music that best reflects their personal preferences, as well as your brand. Age, gender, income and educational level can provide valuable clues. Together with your advertising and other marketing techniques, the music you play for your customers evokes emotion – and its most effective use often hinges on securing professional assistance.

Maximize the Effects of Your Background Music

Professional Sound System Installation

No one likes to hear static, unpleasant, garbled sounds, or listen to music at a level they find uncomfortable. A professional background music sound system from the experts at United Sound & Electronics can help ensure that your music is not inadvertently driving your customers away. Our licensed, NICET-certified technicians can work with you to design a sound system that meets your requirements for your audio needs, while fitting your space, functionality and budget requirements. We can help you maximize the benefits of your background music by delivering crisp, pleasant, high-performance sound your customers will appreciate.

Learn More About the Surprising Effects of Background Music

From Upgrading Purchases to Dissuading Shoplifters

Beyond affecting your customers’ overall impression of your establishment and influencing buying behavior, music may also have a few surprising effects. For example, classical music has been shown to influence customers to handle and purchase items with higher list prices. Unsurprisingly, music with a slower pace and tempo has been shown to create a more leisurely shopping experience that encourages customers to relax and browse. Make that music classical and you may also be able to dissuade loiterers and shoplifters. Ultimately, there are many music options to consider for the benefit of your business – and your customers. Regardless of which music you choose, United Sound & Electronics can design and install the most effective sound system to effectively deliver your music selections. We make it easy for you!

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The licensed, NICET-certified technicians at United Sound & Electronics have the expertise and experience to design and install your background music sound system for maximum performance that meets your specific needs. We are pleased to provide unrivaled customer support backed by our track record of more than 40 years of dedicated service. If you would like to learn more or are interested in requesting a complimentary consultation by phone or at your West Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Ohio location, please contact us: 304-842-6030.

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