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Take Your Ministry to the Next Level

Bring your worship community together no matter where they are with a unified, accessible message. Reach your congregation and bring new members into the fold with a professional live stream setup at a reasonable price.

United Sound & Electronics is passionate about offering professional-quality live stream equipment, installation, and dedicated customer service after the sale for church leaders throughout all areas of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Trust the dedicated church sound and lighting experts at United Sound & Electronics to take your ministry to the next level.

Local and Global TV, Radio and Internet Live Stream for Your Church

The NICET-certified technicians at United Sound & Electronics can help you with all aspects of the design, installation, and operation of your live stream system to reach a TV, radio, and/or internet audience locally or around the world. Based on your goals and budget, we can provide everything from equipment sales to do-it-yourself support or let us handle everything for you with just a phone call. Our experts offer more than 40 years of expertise in the church sound and lighting industry in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. We are here to help you make the very best decisions for your church’s needs. From staging, sound and lighting to professional production, it’s what we do best.

Should I Professionally Live Stream Our Church Service?

Bringing Your Message of Faith and Hope to the Homebound

Unfortunately, church members aren’t always able to attend worship services in person. When your valued parishioners can’t come to church due to illness, injury, work travel, staying home with a new child, or any other reason – times when they may most benefit from fellowship and support – make sure they’re included. Homebound and distant church members will appreciate a live stream that is reliable with clear sound and lighting that helps them enjoy all the benefits of your worship service.

Benefits of Live Streaming Your Church Service

Of course there are many benefits to live streaming your service. Support your existing members when they’re unable to attend service. Expand your reach. Explore the potential of dramatically increased tithes to further your mission. The decision to live stream is an easy one for most church leaders; however, you are encouraged to first discuss the possibility of live streaming with your church members.

An Important Consideration Before Choosing Your Live Stream Installation

Gauge the general feeling of your congregation. It is important that everyone is comfortable with being streamed online or TV – and if not, adjust your plan to include only church leaders, the choir, band, and those who agree to be streamed. Some churches designate a section for those who don’t mind being streamed and an area for those who would rather worship in a more private manner. There are many options. Everyone’s preferences will make a difference when designing the optimal installation that best meets your church’s needs.

Live Stream Equipment Sales, Rental and Installation – WV, PA & OH

Sales and rental equipment and installation are available for virtually all applications from small to large. Our technicians proudly serve churches in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Please contact United Sound & Electronics with any questions you may have or to get started with your system design.

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