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Do you recall the best musical performance you’ve ever heard? Chances are, it was brought to you by a world-class sound system installed by a licensed and certified production company. Since 1979, United Sound & Electronics has delivered pure auditory excellence to venues large and small throughout all of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Our licensed, NICET-certified technicians and master electricians offer the ultimate in digital sound reinforcement equipment technology to deliver amazing results customized to meet your exact needs. Unleash the power of your performance!

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Full Service Digital Sound System Installation

Support for Live Sound Engineers and Novice Operators

United Sound & Electronics makes it easy to get unparalleled digital sound at your location. Our experts consult directly with you to understand your sound goals, design the best digital sound system to achieve them, and install the system with seamless professional integration according to the auditory characteristics of your venue. We provide the support your on-site live sound engineer needs to get the most from your new sound system. If you will be operating the system yourself without specialized training, we will help you choose a digital sound system designed to meet your needs, as well.

Crisp, Clear, Professional Grade Digital Sound

Our passion is helping our customers enjoy access to inspirational sound reinforcement that blows away the competition. Whether upgrading your church’s standard audio system to digital, designing a sonic refurbishment, or grabbing your audience by their very soul with the crispest high-fidelity digital sound they expect from your world-class venue, we help you deliver your spoken word, music, and live performance with the unmistakable precision of professional-grade sound. Want jaw-dropping results? Contact United Sound & Electronics!

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The licensed, NICET-certified technicians at United Sound & Electronics have the expertise and experience to design and install your digital sound system for maximum performance that meets your specific needs. We are pleased to provide unrivaled customer support backed by our track record of more than 40 years of dedicated service. If you would like to learn more or are interested in requesting a complimentary consultation by phone or at your West Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Ohio location, please contact us: 304-842-6030.

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Professional digital sound system installation is available in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Please complete the form above or call to schedule your free consultation: (304) 842-6030.

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