Siemens Commercial and Industrial Fire Alarm Systems

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Safeguard what matters most with the finest cutting-edge fire detection, monitoring, and emergency response technology from Siemens – installed by United Sound & Electronics. Whether you are looking for the best fire alarm system for a new or existing building, our expert NICET-certified, licensed, and insured technicians provide full design customization, professional installation, an assistance with securing approval for your business’s fire protection plan. Our team can help you get set up with integrated 24/7 expert monitoring with dedicated fire emergency dispatch, as well. We offer unrivaled full-service support for all aspects of your installation.

Siemens Fire Detection and Evacuation Solutions

Customization Options

Siemens Fire Detection and Evacuation Solutions

United Sound & Electronics provides professional-grade installation of the most advanced fire detection, alert, and assisted evacuation systems from Siemens. Our skilled technicians are factory-authorized to design and install your Siemens fire detection system. We work with local regulatory authorities to ensure each commercial and industrial fire alarm system meets or exceeds requirements. We consult with each client on-site to design and install the optimal system to provide superior protection for both personnel and property.

  • 27/4 Professional Fire Monitoring
  • Fast, Direct Alert of Emergency Services Upon Activation
  • Ceiling & Wall-Mounted Sirens
  • Multi-Language Voice Sounders (Alert, Evacuation, Fire, Test, etc.)
  • Visual Fire Alert and Evacuation Assist Beacons
  • Addressable and Loop-Powered Acoustic (EN 54-3) and Optical (EN 54-23) Alarms
  • Functionality Unhindered by Short Circuit and System Failure
  • Disturbance-Free Monitoring and System Testing
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use (IP65)
  • Fully Customizable Settings
  • Extensive Range of Flexible Design and Installation Options

A full range of high-performance, innovative fire detection, monitoring, and alarm features is available for you to choose from, customizable to meet your business’s needs and preferences.

NFPA 72 Fire Safety Code, Legal and Insurance Compliance

West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio

When you choose United Sound & Electronics, you can rest assured that your fire alarm and evacuation system meets all fire codes for full legal, insurance, and regulatory compliance. Since 1979, our licensed, NICET-certified, fully insured team has been the trusted source for professional quality, attention to detail, and world-class customer service for commercial and industrial clients throughout all of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

The Siemens fire alarm systems we install reflect the highest safety standards for business applications across the board, including schools, churches, and commercial and industrial businesses of all types.

  • VdS & LPCB-Approved
  • EN 54-3-Approved Sounders
  • EN 54-23-Approved Visual Beacons
  • EN 54-17-Approved Loop Isolators
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Short Pulse Length LEDs for Maximum Alert Effectiveness

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West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio

The licensed, certified technicians at United Sound & Electronics have the expertise and experience to design and install your commercial fire alarm system for maximum personnel and property security. We are pleased to provide unrivaled customer support backed by our track record of more than 40 years of dedicated service. We also offer access control and surveillance system installation for an enhanced level of security for all physical aspects of your commercial property. If you would like to learn more or are interested in requesting a complimentary consultation by phone or at your West Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Ohio location, please contact us.

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