Advanced CCTV Video Monitoring

Commercial Surveillance & Security System Installation

Powerful 4k Ultra HD Resolution

Identify customer activity patterns, analyze retail hotspots, improve sales, and improve the overall security of any school, restaurant, retail establishment, office, or business with the best CCTV video monitoring systems currently available from Bosch and American Dynamics, installed by United Sound & Electronics. Harness the immense power of the most innovative technology in the world to provide unparalleled security for your most important commercial assets. From precision thermal imaging and night vision to facial recognition technology in 4k ultra HD, protect your most important assets with 21st Century intelligent video monitoring!

Crystal Clear 4K Ultra HD Imaging

How many times have you viewed security footage that is, essentially, worthless? No matter how many angles you cover, poor image quality neuters your ability to provide necessary evidence of unauthorized access and criminal activity. Take your system to the next level with the crystal clarity of 4k ultra HD imaging for precision imaging that leaves no question as to exactly what occurred on your commercial property.

Effective Security and So Much More

Whether you are interested in adding a standard video security system to your property or upgrading to the most innovative security solutions available, United Sound & Electronics offers everything you need. Choose from analog, IP and HD camera systems with recording, streaming, instant notifications and monitoring anywhere in the world and so much more. We provide exactly what your business needs with a completely customizable installation for precision surveillance and superior security.

Facial Biometric Recognition and Intelligent Behavioral Analytics

Integrated facial biometric and license plate recognition can store, index, and identify faces and vehicles with search functionality. These innovative systems can also provide an instant alert when a known individual of interest enters your identified perimeter. Integrated intelligent video analytics can collect behavioral metadata, process it, report and alert administrative personnel to improve your business’s efficiency, productivity, and minimize product loss with an exceptional degree of accuracy.

AI Machine Learning for Superior Surveillance

Go beyond motion-activated security with a surveillance system that learns as it goes. Integrated AI machine learning enables our systems to accurately identify potential security threats. Define which objects, individuals, and situations will trigger action and receive prompt notification, enabling you to take action immediately. From enhanced security to the pursuit of cost savings and new business opportunities, user-defined object, individual, and behavior monitoring provides intelligence that can take your business to the next level of awareness.

  • In-Store Merchandising Analytics to Determine Ideal Product Placement
  • Improve Customer Loyalty
  • Monitor Customer Queue to Trigger PA System to Open Additional Cash Register
  • Optimize Staffing and Customer Service
  • Traffic Data Analysis
  • Improve In-Store Security
  • Monitor Doors and Emergency Exits
  • Traffic Control Count and Monitoring, Independent of Motion

Total Surveillance Solutions From Bosch and American Dynamics


American Dynamics

United Sound & Electronics installs the highest quality, superior monitoring and surveillance systems from Bosch and American Dynamics – industry leaders in commercial security worldwide. As your dedicated advanced surveillance system installation provider, we offer unrivaled full-service support for your installation. We also offer 24/7 fire monitoring and response systems and access control system installation for an enhanced level of security for your commercial property.

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The licensed, certified technicians at United Sound & Electronics have the expertise and experience to design and install your commercial CCTV surveillance system for maximum personnel and property security. We are pleased to provide unrivaled customer support backed by our track record of more than 40 years of dedicated service. If you would like to learn more or are interested in requesting a complimentary consultation by phone or at your West Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Ohio location, please contact us.

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