History of United Sound & Electronics

United Sound Service –A Leader in Innovation Since 1934

“United Sound Lends Dignity to Any Event”

United Sound Service was founded in 1934 by Waitman Furbee. The company has always been a top name in the industry, as well as a leader in sound innovation. During the 1930s, the field of Sound Reinforcement was in its infancy, and all equipment began to utilize vacuum tubes to amplify the signals effectively. Some of the earliest public address systems used in the state of West Virginia were installed by United Sound Service. These advanced mobile amplifiers were much more powerful than anything else available at the time. A vibration system was developed that could produce raw AC that was capable of being stepped up and converted to the B+ high tension power required for the high voltage anode plate supply. The age of communication had blossomed, and United Sound Service was at the forefront. As vacuum tubes paved the way, the possibility of affordable home electronics became a reality.

United Sound Laboratories

Many of the innovative and highly effective public address systems developed from the 1950s through the 1970s by United Sound Laboratories (as United Sound Service was later named) were installed throughout Clarksburg, WV. These systems were used for political campaigns (including Cy Kump’s campaign as a candidate for governor), presentations, and much more. A few of these PA systems can still be found in schools, churches, and fraternal organizations throughout the region. Many of the tubes manufactured in the 1930s still sound magnificently sweet.

United Sound Recording Studio

The United Sound Recording Studio offered individuals and businesses in West Virginia and throughout the entire nation access to the finest recording studio of its time. In addition to providing the official sound for the 1938-1940 Mountain State Forest and Strawberry Festivals, where grand accolades were received by both Mr. Furbee and Mr. Corbin of Clarksburg, official transcription service was also offered via direct wire to Carmichael Auditorium and Radio Station. The portable recording service enabled individuals to produce their own six, eight, ten, or twelve-inch record for home movie sound, professional recordings, sales talks, auditions, and over-air recordings of all types.

United Sound & Electronics and the Digital Revolution

From the late 1970s through the digital revolution, United Sound & Electronics has continued to provide the finest in technologically-advanced audio equipment alongside the rise of computer technology. Digital sound reproduction, recording, amplification, compression, and storage have enabled us to access and work with amazingly accurate sound quality with minimal space consumption. We have worked with the Door Coffeehouse, Light of Life World Outreach Center, Galilean Baptist Church, The Pressley Ridge Schools of West Virginia, Parish of the Immaculate Conception, and many other churches, schools, business, organizations, and performers to provide the innovative digital sound equipment, installation, and production services.

We now serve all industries and handle events of all sizes. United Sound & Electronics continues to strive to offer our customers superior reliability, NICET-certified expertise, and exceptional customer service as we move forward into the future.

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